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Menno's Sausage provides top quality sausage in Alberta, using consistently high quality boneless meat. Our sausage is made using original recipes and trademark smoke technique. We believe that great ingredients make naturally great food.

Menno's Sausage Inc.

At the age of 17, George Janzen left home to make a life of his own. Early on, he met Eleanor, who was the daughter of a butcher. 
Eleanor had worked in the retail meat business for a number of years, and knew much about the meat industry. They were married, and together, they dreamed of moving to an acreage outside of Edmonton.
George’s Mennonite heritage meant that he pursued the values of hard work, determination, and perseverance. He worked in many different labor jobs in Alberta and in BC, and then completed his journeyman’s ticket in bricklaying. 
But when the recession hit, he decided it was time to create a new job altogether.
  • Eleanor with her parents

  • Eleanor with her Dad

March 1996

Early Beginnings

George began experimenting with very small batches of Mennonite sausage in their kitchen in Edmonton. 
July, 1996

God's Providence

When close friends sold George and Eleanor a 7 acre parcel of land with a house on it, they decided the time was right to start building their own business. 
May 1998

Menno's Sausage Facility

While both working their day jobs, George and Eleanor started building the Menno's Sausage shop facility, and Menno's Sausage was born. They registered their trade name in May 1998, and started making amazing Mennonite sausage!

Developing the Recipe

The original Menno's Sausage recipe was inspired by George’s father and both grandfathers, who had made a similar recipe in Saskatchewan. 

After some trial and error, and after making many sausages, George finally hit upon the right recipe. The original Menno's Sausage tastes just as George remembers from his childhood. It was time to hit the market! 
January 1999

Heading to Market

Mennonite sausage was not available in the Edmonton area, so George and Eleanor knew there would be a market demand for their traditional variety of sausage.

Menno's Sausage was accepted as a vendor at the year-round Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market in Edmonton. George and Eleanor had the help of their three young daughters as they got established in those early years.

By 2020, Menno's Sausage has repeat customers within Alberta and across Canada.
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