Mennonite Sausage

Frozen (small/large)

Mennonite Sausage

INGREDIENTS: Pork (Government Inspected meat), salt, spices, sodium nitrite, natural smoke.

FLAVOUR: It tastes like smoked bacon.

BEST USED FOR: Breakfast, Lunch or Supper.

STORAGE: Store vacuum packed fresh sausage in the refrigerator. Store vacuum packed frozen sausage in the freezer and then thaw in the refrigerator overnight. Leftover cooked sausage keeps in the refrigerator up to one week only.


  • Pancakes and waffles for breakfast
  • Perogies  and cream sauce or sour cream
  • BBQ’d  served on a bun with tossed green salad or potato salad
  • Rice and beans 

HISTORY: Processing this type of sausage was an annual event in the Mennonite farming communities in the Fall. George’s family made this type of sausage at their farm during his growing up years.

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Thaw FROZEN sausage and cut into about 3” pieces. Split lengthwise, then BBQ or pan fry 15-20 mins on medium low heat turning often OR bake at 350F for 25mins to an internal temperature of 165F.

SCRAMBLE FRY to use in your favorite turkey stuffing or as a topping for baked potatoes with sour cream. In order to remove pork casing from FROZEN sausage break a large ring into about 8 pieces. Using a sharp knife score pieces lengthwise and peel the casing away. Once peeled, thaw sausage pieces in the microwave on defrost. Now break up sausage meat and scramble fry in a pan for about 10 minutes at medium low heat until cooked.

PRICE:     $19.19/kg

  • SMALL ring approx. $11.50
  • LARGE ring approx. $16.50


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